San Antonio Non-Duality Society (SANDS)

What is Non-Duality?

Non-duality is not a religion but is at the core of all major religions. Non-duality has much to offer for the religious, and the devoted; as well as for the non-religious, the agnostic, or even the atheist.  Our group is open to anyone who is seeking understanding of a deeper truth that is behind it all.   Non-duality is not a belief system.  It is a deeper realization of basic truths through our own direct experience.  

A common definition of non-duality is simply “One, undivided”.  Another definition is from the term “advita”, which translates as “not two”.  It is the basic understanding that All that is experienced is occurring within One Awareness, is made of this One Awareness, and is being experienced by this One Awareness.  You too are the One Awareness. There is no “other”.  This Awareness is not an object. To name it would be to objectify it.   Some simply refer to it as one universal consciousness. Or “energy”, and many other interesting labels, but all fall short.  The religious name is “God”.  

Non-duality can not be taught or fully comprehended by the mind alone; but, can only be fully realized from direct experience. There are many well-known teachers of non-duality experience, far too many to name here.  We rely primarily upon the teachings for Rupert Spira but also frequently refer to the teachings of many of the popular non-dual teachers, both ancient and modern. We are constantly exposing our members to a wide variety of these teachers.

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